Weight Rooms

Our conditioning facility ranks among the best in the province. With nearly 45,000 square feet, our state-of-the-art center featuring Hammer Strength & Cybex. Our stereophonic sound system and natural lighting with plenty of windows adds to the atmosphere and enjoyment of your workout.

Apollo Athletic Club is a center that looks good, sounds good and provides plenty of room for our members to work out.

Patterned after the best features of weight rooms at many other researched facilities, the Apollo facility is both functional and attractive. Its biggest advantage for our athletes is that it provides both variety and ample space. Athletes no longer have to wait around for a certain piece of equipment. They do not have to plan
their weight training in early morning or late evening to get it all in.

Your fitness membership is an all-inclusive pass. It allows you to use the fitness classes as well as our various weight rooms and other facilities.


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