Q. What promoted you to seek Apollo's services?
A. My Friend was already a member.

Q. What made you believe that Apollo was the best for achieving you?
A. My friend lost weight and was in the best shape I have seen him in.

Q. How do you benefited from working with Apollo?
A. Ive seen great results in my body and mind! plus with a kid on the way it's great to know that daycare is avalible

Q. What are the two most significant improvements that have resulted from
your membership at Apollo?
A. The two most significant improvents are my body and mind are both fit!

Q. What exactly did Apollo do to contribute to the outcome that you wanted?
A. Great staff are knowledgeable and pleasent to talk to.

Q. If a potential member was on the fence about whether to join Apollo or not, what would you say to them?
A. It's where I go < they know im picky>

Q. What were the results of being a member at Apollo?
A. Ive reached and excited my weightleifting goals and am having a great time

Q. What experience did you have with customer service at Apollo that reiterate why you are a member at Apollo?
A. When I asked a staff member a question about breathing while weightleifting he not only told me how but took the time to show me.

Wesley Lokau

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