We became members of Apollo when it was at its infancy stage. We used to go to the gym at MRC but have found their facilities much too limited. Often, we had to stand and wait for the machines to become available for our use. Apollo is a great place to work out. Old machines are replaced periodically by newer and better ones. The lovely young women at the reception always greet us with a warm smile and they know us by our first names. The trainers on the floor are always eager to provide advice in a most professional way. Apollo is perfect for those who enjoys a variety of group classes. The group classes are small, limit to 15 participants and their instructors are not only friendly, but extremely encouraging. They are also helpful and knowledgeable in showing ways to prevent injuries during the workouts. There are family days on the weekends.

The whole family can enjoy everything that Apollo has to offer. Beside the health
benefits from the workout routines at Apollo, there is also something we treasure a
great deal. It is the friendships, the comaraderie that we have developed with
many of the other fellow gym members. A little simple introduction is all it takes to be part of the "social circle" at Apollo. It's like having a second family at Apollo.
We have been told that we were missed while we were on vacations. It is all good
at Apollo. At Apollo, we keep our smiles and laughs while working out at the same
time. Every morning, my husband and I look forward to start our day at the Apollo.

Elisa Woo

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