Seniors & Osteo


Osteo Fit classes are designed to give people with osteoporosis an opportunity to begin an exercise program suitable for their needs, and to meet with other people in a social atmosphere. These classes will help reduce bone loss and strengthen muscles to improve balance.

All Osteo Fit classes are kept reasonably small in an effort to give each person individual attention.


Q: Is there PREVENTION and TREATMENT for Osteoporosis?
A: YES - Prevention started at an early age is the main approach to prevent the disease and it's consequences.

Q: Can I EXERCISE with Osteoporosis?
A: YES - OSTEO FIT CLASSES are designed for your needs.

Q: Can I register if I DO NOT have Osteoporosis?
A: YES - OSTEO FIT CLASSES are designed for the beginner or for people who have joint disorders such as Osteo- Arthritis.



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