Personal Training

The APOLLO ATHLETIC CLUB is pleased to introduce to you a whole new world of high performance training guaranteed to bring you results. Our qualified personal training staff are ready to take you to a new level of ability that incorporates balance, agility, core strength, and overall conditioning to help you reach goals and enhance your quality of life.

Heath and Wellness Programs

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Athletic Development

The Apollo Athletic Club's Athletic Development programs incorporate the science and execution of sport specific training. Athletes will not only develop skills related to their individual sport, but skills that can be used for a lifetime. Athletes, coached and parents will be educated on the importance of such training to develop athleticism. Athletic development focuses on developing speed and strength, power and agility, balance and quickness in the multi-directional world of sport. We have specific programs geared towards Hockey, Basketball, Golf, Alpine Skiing, Snowboarding and other Sport Specific programs.

Training athletes for life, not just sport!


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