Nadine Sissons

Nadine Sissons


Level A CPR & First Aid
BCRPA Fitness First Aid
BCRPA Fitness Leader
BCPRA Weight Trainer
CFES Personal Trainer

Specialty Areas

My fitness philosophy is that you can start anywhere on your road to fitness. Whether you are a former athlete wanting to get back into “playing” shape, a student wanting to make the team, a stay at home mom who wants to be able to chase after her kids at the park or even a mostly sedentary person who’s never played a sport or worked out in your life, you can take one little step towards fitness. My job as your trainer is to motivate you, guide you, and help you safely reach your goals. I want to help turn you into the person you’ve always wanted to be: the hero on the field, the hero to your friends and the hero in your loved ones eyes.


I am a lifelong fitness enthusiast. I began weight training when I was a teenager and have carried on into adulthood. I have always led an active lifestyle, as a student and as a mom. I am currently training to compete in body building. I believe in a well rounded fitness lifestyle as well. I enjoy hours spent in the gym weight training, and doing cardio, but I also love hitting the trails outdoors on a hike, or cranking up the music and dancing the night away. I truly enjoy staying fit, being active and setting and maintaining fitness goals and I believe I can make a positive impact on you. I am energetic, determined, and enthusiastic. Together we can build a foundation of strength, agility, and endurance.

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